Bhabani Packaging

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Systems Computer to plate systems. It is an automated printing plate making system. The approved artwork is run though a software called workflow which eliminates errors for printing giving an optimum result.
Polar Guillotine cutters This machine is used to cut and trim paper to bring it to actual printing size.

Printing Press

This is the machine where the actual printing takes place. Individual plates are mounted in each station and paper fed into the machine through feeder systems and collected at the delivery unit. The plates received from CT systems are break down into half tone or solids depending on the artwork. These individual halftones or solid are then printing in the individual units of the printing press.


The printed sheet is either coated in an offline coater or an inline coater. The coating depending on the customers can be either water based or solvent based. The coating improves the shelf life of the print and enhances the visibility of the product. It can also provide various specialeffects on the printed surface.

Die Cutting machine

Individual sheets after printing & coating are sent to this machine. The coated sheets are cut using a die made of blades in this machine. The dies are designed using a method called keyline designing. This method basically draws outlines of individual cartons and multiple outlines are put together to make one die. Once the sheets are cut individual cartons are received through this machine

Folder Gluer

Folding gluing is the process where individual cartons are glued and folded along the folding crease and gluingpanel. The individual cartons received from die cutting machine are stacked and run through this machine to achieve the final glued carton.

Lamination Machine

Lamination process can be of two types. One is pre-printing and the other is post printing. Thepre-printing lamination is generally done for UV printing. The individual sheets are laminated with a metallic film and is then printed using UV inks and UV dryers. The Post printing lamination is generally done to protect the sheet from damages and act as a reinforcement also increases the look of the product by providing different finishes.

Foiling Machine

This is the machine where a a foil is applied on the carton on some specifics areas depending on the designs. The foil application can applied using a heat transfer or cold adhesive based technology’sapplication of foiled increases the appearance and look of the carton.